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My response to the draconian photographic waiver

Added on by Sean Galbraith.


I provided this to the organizer of the building tour I was hoping to go on, copied to the member of the restoration corporation I was previously dealing with. Original posting here.

"On account of the absurd requirement by the Richardson Center Corporation to sign away the copyright on any photographs that might be taken on the Richardson tour, I will not be attending the tour. Please make my spots available to someone else.

I cannot put it more bluntly: This photographic waiver requirement is absolutely ludicrous. The terms of the contract are those commonly found where photographers are HIRED and compensated to produce photographs. These are absolutely not conditions that are common or appropriate for consideration to simply visit a publicly owned historical venue for a tour. The signing away of copyrights without compensation is insulting to photographers. This is particularly insulting given that this event was promoted as an event for "shutterbugs", amateurs and professionals alike. I appreciate that you have no choice in agreeing to implement this draconian requirement. 

I wish you all the best on the event. I presume that the pent up demand to see this building will result in many photographers willingly signing over what is rightfully theirs. But not me. As an artist, doing so is unacceptable... and as an artist, my copyright is all I have. "