Industrial. Institutional. Abandoned.

New solo exhibition @ Akasha Art Projects

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New solo exhibition: Institutions

September 6 through October 4
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 11, 7pm-9pm

Akasha Art Projects
511 Church Street, Suite 200
Toronto, ON

Last year I exhibited a series of industrial photographs at Akasha. I'm returning again this year with a series of photographs from various institutional abandonments. I have exhibited a few of these before, but most of them I've never showed in a gallery before. 

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition - July 4-6 - Booth C27

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Next weekend is the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and I'm excited to be part of the fun once again. If you've visited my booth in past years, then you'll know where to find me again this year. I'm in booth C27, which is on the east side of the pond. I will have a couple favourites from past years and some new ones I haven't exhibited before. 

The exhibition is at Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto City Hall), 100 Queen Street West. There is parking available underneath the square. The exhibition times are:
Friday July 4: 10:30am to 7:00pm
Saturday July 5: 10:30am to 6:30pm
Sunday July 6: 10:30am to 6:30pm

I'm also really happy that a bunch of my other artist friends will be exhibiting as well (some for the first time!). Be sure to stop by and see that amazing works by Tanja-Tiziana (G11), Jon Muldoon (H18), Tara Sameshima (i5), Neil Ta (F33), and Matt Durant (i1).


Republic Rubber - TV

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Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, 2014

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I'm pleased to announce that I have again been accepted to exhibit in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. The show takes place July 4-6 2014 at Toronto City Hall. I'll post more details and my booth location closer to the show. 

PhotoXplorers: Season 2?

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Back in 2009, a TV show that I was part of, PhotoXplorers, made its debut on Bravo!Canada. It went on to air on various channels on 5 continents. 

We are now looking to make more episodes, and since Bravo doesn't show arts programming anymore, we are looking to crowdfund its production. 

If you're interesting in learning more about the project, and maybe helping out with the production costs (for perks!), please check out the campaign on Indiegogo.

Impossible: Instant Lab - Unboxing and First Use

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I received an Impossible Instant Lab in the mail today (I was an early kickstarter contributor for the device). This is my little unboxing and first use video (I'd previously opened it up so that I could charge the battery, but that's it).

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with it. It does exactly what it says it will, and is really easy to operate.

Montreal: Shayne Gallery

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I'm very pleased to now be represented in Montreal by the Shayne Gallery.

5471 Royalmount Ave., Montreal, Quebec



Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2013 - Booth 77

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I will be exhibiting in the 2013 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition at Nathan Phillips Square this coming weekend.  


The exhibition dates and times are as follows:

Friday, July 5, 10:30am-7:30pm

Saturday, July 6, 10:30am-7:30pm 

Sunday, July 7, 10:30am-6:30pm

I will be in booth White 77, located east of the pool.

Be sure to stop by and say hello if you're in the area.  

Also be sure to check out the booths of these other amazing artists: Kelli Jerome (#375), Tanja Tiziana (#92), Chris Hutcheson (#45), and Jon Muldoon (#118).  


New mailing list

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I have now added a mailing list signup on my website.

(Note: Click on the link, the form just sends me an email.)
Feel free to stop by and add your name to the list.

New Solo Exhibition

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Akasha Art Projects
511 Church Street, Suite 200, Toronto
January 31-March 2
Opening reception: February 2, 5pm-8pm


New Pocket Book: GTMO: Camp X-ray

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I recently attended a great book making workshop put on by Blurb that I found very inspiring. 

From this, I've made a new photography book from my Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay visit. This book is in the style of a pocket book. Available here, the book is short, simple, and affordable. I like that this style of book is not made to be a regular "fine art" photography book... it is more humble than that. 

I hope you like it.

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

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It seems I've forgotten to post that this weekend I'm exhibiting in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition at City Hall. If you're in the area, stop by booth White 62 and say hi!

Ecuador from the Back Seat of a Taxi

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#photog I was recently in Ecuador for a family visit. As the non-Spanish speaker, when traveling in cabs, I always rode in the back seat. This uncommon point of view for me (I almost always drive when in a car) inspired me to make a new series of photographs: Ecuador from the Back Seat of a Cab. All shot with my iPhone using Instagram.

Made it into a little book, too.


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At tonight's SNAP! Photography auction to benefit the AIDS Committee of Toronto, I'm happy to say that my photo brought in $2100. All told the event raised well over $200,000.

The Artist Project

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Wow, fantastic weekend at The Artist Project. Thanks to all who stopped by my both or listened to the photographers panel I was on with Richard Rhodes.

New exhibition with the DK Photo Group - STEEL - March 1-28

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STEEL - a new photography exhibition by members of the DK Photo Group
Twist Gallery, 1100 Queen Street West, Toronto
March 1-28, 2012
Opening Reception: March 9, 7pm-10pm 


For the better part of three hundred years steel has contributed to the development of the western world and formed a significant foundation for the wealth of nations. Towns, cities and regions have been built by the steel industry on several levels. The extraction of resources, its processing, the manufacturing of product and the recycling of the material has forged the fabric and social consciousness of many cultures.

With the significance of the steel industry in the forefront, the DK Photo Group's Russell Brohier, Sean Galbraith, Steve Jacobs, and Mathew Merrett pay homage to this engine of social development. The usual subject matter of the group is of abandoned spaces, lying derelict and as social artefacts is carried through in this exhibition. In these images are testimonials to the lives of individuals who work in the myriad of companies shaped by the steel industry. From the mining and processing of the natural resources which produce the steel, to manufacturing of automobiles and other goods which rely on steel, to the recycling of the material. These images are steeped with the meaning which the steel industry has, particularly for the North American culture and economy.

Beaverbrook Art Gallery

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I'm incredibly flattered that 2 of my photographs (exclusively available through Eye Buy Art) are now part of the photography collection at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in New Brunswick, Canada. 


Collecting Photography, Collecting The World 
April 22, 2012 - June 10, 2012

In her seminal essay On Photography, the literary theorist, feminist, activist, and author, Susan Sontag wrote: “To collect photographs is to collect the world.” 

The permanent collection of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery contains over 160 works that may be categorized as contemporary photography. Although not a large collection, it is representative of the diversity of regional, national, and international contemporary photographic practice, and includes work by Genevieve Cadieux, Jennifer Dickson, Diana Thorneycroft, Lois Connor, Robin Collyer, Edward Burtynsky, and many others. New Brunswick artists whose work is represented include Thaddeus Holownia, JamesWilson, Freeman Patterson, Greg Klassen, Kyle Cunjak, and Jaret Belliveau.

The Gallery is committed to building a significant collection of contemporary photographic works and is pleased to include in this exhibition a selection of photographs recently acquired through a gift from art collectors Glenn and Barbara McInnes. This generous donation features work by Eamon Mac Mahon, Eszter Burghardt, Lorraine Field, Becky Comber, Mark Kasumovic, Jinyoung Kim, Robyn McCallum, Nikki Middlemiss, Marshall Byrd Sterling, Darren Rigo, Amy Stevens, Lizzie Vickery, Angus Rowe MacPherson, Adam Kuehl, Pete Doherty, Sean Galbraith, and others.

Curator: Terry Graff
Organized by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of New Brunswick, and the City of Fredericton.